Post bike ride Thai….in Greenville: Kannika’s Thai Kitchen.

Another place close to the Greenville Hilton Hotel. In a small strip mall…aren’t the best Thai places in strip malls?

Typical offerings…but with huge portions so if you are limited in number, expect to take most of it home with you. Started with the basil rolls which were served with 2 delicious sauces….wonderful sauces define Thai cuisine in my opinion.

We were 2 this night and the wait staff suggested the large tom kha gai….huge bowl for just 2 people! Very nicely done despite being too much to eat. Followed this with a typical main….gaeng graree gai (yellow curry with chicken) which was again served in a huge bowl but was flavorful. The other choice a was a typical pad see ew.

No room for dessert…..portions had already overwhelmed me by then!

They do not have a liquor license but you can BYOB

Service was very friendly and helpful.

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