Unique venue: Hilltop 1892.

I was drawn to the space….a hilltop home built in 1892 but one that has been a restaurant for several decades.

When I arrive things were not quite right. I had a reservation but the staff at the check in desk seemed a bit confused. They walked away then came back and told me they had no tables and I could wait for one if I wanted. I explained I had a reservation and soon thereafter the manager arrived and took me to a table in what appeared to be a space for private groups. I was the only person in that space for the entire experience.

The wait staff was soon to arrive and took my order. Very quickly the soup of the day appeared….cream of Brussel sprouts…quite good. Next to arrive was to be the roasted baby beet salad which sounded interesting….beets of course with goat cheese, candied walnuts and pears. It was good…once it arrived…..after a very long delay. Obviously, I was seated out of the main restaurant traffic and apparently “forgotten”. Once my waiter realized it had not arrived it showed up very quickly. Unfortunately, my main then arrived, before I had finished the salad. I’m not trying to be a food snob but…..not good. The Kobe steak frites was good…they obviously know how to cook a piece of meat.

The wine list is extensive and, if you like California wines, you’ll have plenty of options since 99% are from that state. If not, they have a few white choices from Oregon.

I’m not sure what was going on the night I visited but, while I got a table….that I had reserved….things didn’t quite click overall.

They market their views, which are nice, as is the space.

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