Carbo load: La Toscana.

Getting ready for a bike ride and pasta is always a good pre ride choice. 

The restaurant is quite “local”…..Google Maps will have you turn the wrong way so be vigilant….it’s actually easy to find if you look at an online map of the location.

Typical Italian fare with a nice selection of antipasti, insalate, pasta and secundi. Started with the hearts of romaine….had to sample the local Point Reyes blue which topped the choice. Followed this with a classic, pappardella al cinghiale….wild boar. Not sure of the source but it was quite good. All the pasta is house made and it was apparent.

Of course they had all the typical Italian desserts, including tiramisu but I went with another classic….Vin Santo with biscotti. A bit of explanation is in order since some of you are likely asking why the biscotti? This combination is the classic way to pair the dessert wine Vin Santo. What do you do with the biscotti? You dip them in the Vin Santo….a perfect pairing….softens the biscotti and adds a unique flavor. Give it a try the next time you have the opportunity.

Wines by the glass are extensive and bottle choices cover Italy with other selections from California….so if you are looking for a Washington State primitivo or an Oregon pinot you’re out of luck here.

The space is comfortable and the service, excellent.

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