Jazzy food: Jazz Alley.

This is a great venue for music so that’s the main draw of this place. That said, the food is good as well. Expect a varied menu ranging from seafood to steak to pasta to pork dishes.

The emphasis is on seafood and this night we had the seafood gumbo which was good once an adequate amount of salt was added. Growing up with seafood gumbo from the Gulf Coast and made by my Aunt Dot, the bar is high and this was good but not great. The included cornbread was sweet….don’t get me started but that isn’t right. It should not be sweet….that is called cake. Our second entre was the Lasagna which was good and the better of the two.

We passed on desert but choices ranged from key lime pie to cheesecake.

The wine list is heavily focused on the West Coast with good selections from California, Washington and Oregon. There are a few old world choices as well. Our choice was a very nice Washington Cab from Alexandria Nicole.

Service was good….and the show even better.

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