Quick trip north with lunch in the West End: Kingyo Izakaya.

I love the announcement of your arrival and departure in izakayas and this place is no exception. On Denman with a host of other Asian food choices this was recommended by our daughter….who lives in Vancouver. I suspect you already know this…..if you’ve read my other post on this city.

The space has a bit of an industrial feel…..black with concrete walls but it feels comfortable nonetheless. As with most izakayas, the menu ranges from sushi and sashimi to rice bowls to katsu. We started with edamame and “3 kinds sashimi salad”…..the vinaigrette was interesting….the consistency of jello and quite tasty. My choice for the main was the bento box…wanted a complete picture of the place but alas, they were out…..only 10 servings a day!

My second choice was the pork kakuni bowl which is another example of pork belly. This offering was  served over rice with a soft boiled egg and sides of miso soup, pickled vegetables and a Japanese mustard/mayo combination. The pork belly was fatty but not overly so and perfectly melt in your mouth.  I also tasted the negitoro avocado bowl which was very good. If you are looking for something lighter and not from the pig, this would be a good choice.

Part of a restaurant group with several locations in Vancouver and one in Toronto…..there is even one in Seattle on Capitol Hill: Suika Seattle. So you have an option locally if you are in the mood to stay local.

Service was very good.

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