Local knowledge always helps: Le Gourmet Break.

A nice breakfast spot in downtown Orlando…..I think it may be the first time I’ve been downtown in this city of Parks and Conventions. It’s an authentic French bakery and patisserie…the owner is originally from Paris so it can’t be better than that! The baked goods and pastries are all baked on site and they serve breakfast all day in addition to lunch.

This day we had omelettes and crepes…..my choice was the La Parisienne….ham, turkey, mushrooms, a wonderful cheese and bechamel…..all done up in a buckwheat crepe…..simply wonderful! As is common in France, it was accompanied by a fresh green salad served with a very nice balsamic vinaigrette.

The owner’s espresso machine was not fully prepared the morning we visited so she offered us drip instead, rather than serve something she wasn’t assured would be good…..a unique example of ownership of the product.

The space is relatively small but comfortable.

Service was excellent.

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