Finally found one open: Los Agaves.

One of 3 locations in the area…..and the first one we tried was closed for renovations. But never give up….the location in Da La Vina was a real experience.

First to order: get there early or you may wait….they essentially have no table service but don’t be put off by that….they pull it off without difficulty. The line you see, is to order…then you pick your table and your food will be delivered with aplomb.

The menu is extensive so the line to order also gives you some time to predigest it…and you will need some time to take it all in.

My choice, the agaves enchiladas were recommended by the staff…and I was not pointed in the wrong direction. They were made with a local fresh fish, shrimp, red peppers, and onions. The real show stopper was the chipotle sauce which, I think, was the best I have ever had. Hard to describe it adequately but the spiciness mingled with a unique sweetness was to die for…or at least to leave no traces.

Service, while a unique approach for what is really a higher end Mexican restaurant, worked.

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