In the Cannery District: Lot G.

Serves breakfast and lunch all day and we experienced breakfast this visit. The space is in and updated old warehouse in the north part of the city so if you aren’t a native you’ll have to look for it….it’s an easy find but isn’t in the downtown core of Main Street.

The menu is interesting and inventive. My choice was one I couldn’t help but try….the pancake lasagna. It is as advertised…..sausage, bacon and white cheddar, layered between buttermilk pancakes and smothered in maple bachamel…..outstanding dish!…one you must try. The other recommend are the ebelskivers…..Danish pancakes. Think the best, very lite donut hole shaped pancake you’ve ever had. Another must try. 

The space is open and you order as you enter. The staff deliver your order to the table so go find a spot when you arrive and have someone place your order since it can be busy. Service was good.

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