Got the job to pick up our cats today so this was lunch: Maltby Cafe.

I’ve passed this place numerous times when we cycle north of Seattle but have never stopped in for a bite….shortsighted on my part. That said, I’m not sure I could really ride very far after a stop here.

The place was packed when I arrived at a bit after 1100….they serve breakfast all day everyday and lunch but are not open for dinner. It’s a classic cafe located in the basement of an historic building which can make it a bit confusing if you’re looking for a restaurant from the street.

The food is also typical….comfort food with large portions, so come hungry. The lunch menu runs the gamut with a large selection of salads, and sandwiches on bread made onsite. Burgers are 1/2 pound monsters and the plates are all large. Looks like, based on the crowd there this visit, that they give most everyone to go bags……I’m not sure who could eat it all in a single setting.

The thing to have here is the cinnamon roll….big as a dinner plate and advertised as the biggest in the world which isn’t hyperbole! I wasn’t that hungry so the BLT, along with the cinnamon roll, seemed like a good choice….but my waiter asked if I wanted the BLT with avocado….of course. Had plenty left over for a later tasting experience.

The food is great and the service excellent and friendly.

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