New American: Miller Union.

A bit north of the usual downtown spots, it’s worth the visit. Reservations are a must unless you want to sit at the bar. That was my choice this visit.

Started off with a very spicy mezcal…the jalafuego. Should have known by the description it would be spicy, and it was.

Then off with the beet salad which was very good and was made by the coconut crumbs. But, saldy, I forgot that the appetizer to have at this place is the farm egg baked in celery cream! Next time.

Next up was the seafood gumbo which, were it not for the crawfish, the dish would have been so so but they added significant richness to the dish. Excellent, rich rouge.

Ended with the Venezuelan chocolate mousse…the dulce de leche was to die for. Paired with a very nice Kopke white port…lighter than a red but nonetheless, held up to the dessert.

A bit about the wine list. Since I was alone on this visit, a bottle seemed a bit excessive so I was left with the by the glass choice which was extensive. With the seafood gumbo, I thought a Pinot Noir would work well and went with a red Burgundy. It just didn’t seem right…flab comes to mind and when I asked to see the bottle, it wasn’t what was listed on the menu. I switched to a Cab Franc which held up well, as expected. The bartender made it right and didn’t charge me for the Pinot but, I was still a bit disappointed that I wasn’t informed of this before ordering since this place is known for its wine list.

Service was excellent.


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