Been trying to visit here for a few years: Motomachi Shokudo.

Whatever you do don’t visit on a Wednesday…..they’re closed….ouch! Also note as of the date of this posting they don’t take US debit cards but do take cash.

This is one of the best known ramen houses in Vancouver…..a place with as many ramen houses as Seattle has coffee places.

The menu is extensive and the adds can overwhelm but the staff is helpful and you really can’t go wrong. For the really adventurous try the bamboo charcoal miso BBQ pork….very interesting unless you have a problem with charcoal.

It’s a very small place so go at an off hour for lunch or diner and the wait should be minimal. It’s also one of those places where they greet you as you arrival and as you leave, which adds to the fun of the place.

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