Another great spot downtown: Nightingale.

Brought to you by the same chef at Hawksworth……voted best restaurant in Vancouver several times in the past. I will need to make a return visit soon for a proper review…..but on to the new place.

The space isn’t as upscale as Hawksworth….I’d call it business chic….but it is comfortable with a large bar with separate seating downstairs and an upstairs dining space as well. If you venture up there you’ll note that’s where the open kitchen is located. Reservations are a must.

The food is best described as Pacific Northwest with plenty of seafood offerings but with a twist…..the plates are meant to be shared and pizza is also on the menu… from the pizza oven upstairs. The best approach is to just order something then order something else…and maybe even something else…if you still have room. Nothing on the menu the night we visited disappointed, including the desserts….for which they are well known.

This night we started with oysters…the cold water variety… my humble opinion, they best those of the Gulf of Mexico. Then followed a parade of food…..the apple salad with walnuts, avonlea cheddar and szechuan peppercorn dressing followed by the roasted cauliflower with sunflower seeds and green harissa followed by grilled arctic char served with a potato and artichoke salad topped with toasted almonds…. made the dish. Last but not least, we finished with the pork belly which was lean for that cut of pork. It was served with a white balsamic reduction, pickled apple and pistachios…..all excellent!

Of course we had to have what they are best known for….dessert! Shared the sticky toffee pudding served with a maple chantilly and candied walnuts and the roasted pineapple with candied coconut topped with piña colada sorbet. My nod goes to the toffee……rich and delicious. If you want something a bit lighter and tart, then the pineapple offering would be a better choice.

The wine list was extensive with great selections primarily from Canada, the US, Australia, NZ  and Europe…Spanish, French and Italian. If you have not had Innocent Bystander moscato……light, fruity and bubbly with a hint of residual sugar….I highly recommend you give it a try.

As expected, service was excellent.

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