A ballet and Xiaolongbao: Paradise Dynasty.

We were visiting to see a performance by the American Ballet Theater and their principal ballerina Skylar Brandt. Since the restaurant was a short walk from our hotel, why not?

Paradise Dynasty is a worldwide chain from Singapore that is similar to Din Tai Fung except that, as in all cuisines, similar dishes are likely to be slightly different which is the case here as well. In addition, their focus is on xiaolongbao so expect much more choice that Din Tai Fung. Best choice…the sampler… which includes all the xiaolongbao varieties. Other great choices include stir fried noodle…extremely flavorful…and French bean…with chilies and pork added for a different flavor profile.

This is the first and only US outlet for this restaurant group. It opened in August 2021. Expect a wait…very popular place…ours was about an hour for a table for 2.  Hopefully other locations will appear so give them a try if you happen upon an outlet.


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