The original Seattle location is in a shopping center, nonetheless, this food is outstanding: Din Tai Fung.

Quick fact…even though it’s at University Village, this is the first Din Tai Fung in the US. I suspect it had something to do with a previous WA state governor being the Chinese Ambassador a few years back.

Pick anything on the menu…it is all very good. Be prepared to wait, if you don’t have a reservation, at least 30 minutes…the wait can be as long as 90 minutes or more. You can beat a bit of this by visiting early or late for lunch, etc. They take your cell number and will text you when your table is ready…so do a little shopping while you wait.

The cuisine leans heavily toward xiaolongbao but there is a large selection of dim sum (I’m told by my Chinese friends that this isn’t dim sum since it isn’t Cantonese) and other Chinese staples. Highly recommend the shrimp & pork wontons with spicy sauce, garlic green beans, potstickers and chicken fried rice.

IMHO it’s the best Chinese food in Seattle!


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