You gotta try this place: Peaked Pies.

This is the original…the other location is on Denman in that’s an option if you can’t make it to Whistler.

The pies are both savory and sweet but I think a bit of background is in order. What the heck is a peaked pie? Ok, you asked so I’ll explain. Take a savory pie….let’s go with The Hopper. Yep, kangaroo….this is Australian cuisine afterall. What makes it peaked? Of course the answer is the pile of mashed potatoes on top of the pie which is crowned with a summit block of… guessed it….peas! But that’s not all. The final add is a ladle full of very rich….and delicious, brown gravy. Filling? Of course. Delicious? Need I say more?

The space at both locations is small but a seat can be had with a short wait.

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