In Ballard for the Farmers Market and needed breakfast: Porkchop & Co.

Just stumbled on this place after a bit of research and it sounded interesting so it was time for a visit.

Relatively new to the Ballard food scene…..opened in 2014….they describe themselves as New American. Everything is made from scratch in house and I was intrigued with the notion of New American juxtaposed with grits (Anson Mills) and biscuits. Of course pork as an option only added to my interest.

The menu is varied and the choice this visit, in addition to biscuits and grits as sides, was the pork belly hash. In addition to the pork belly and potato hash the dish was served with small slices of pear, yams, Brussels sprouts and a tarragon salsa verde. To add a bit of richness it was topped with a poached egg. I’m no expert in poaching eggs…..never done it as far as I can recall….these are poached at 65 degrees C for one hour. They were quite creamy but I would have to compare them to another method to truly tell any difference. While biscuits are on the menu, they are not prominent, but they were very good so have one…..or 2 or more. The space is open and lofty which I think had something to do with the food being served a bit less than hot (think tepid) on this relatively cold day.

You order at the counter and the food is brought to your table and the table is also bussed by staff. Unlimited drip coffee is readily available with the usual brunch drinks….fortified as appropriate for the hour. Service was good. Open for breakfast and lunch weekdays and brunch on weekends.

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