Great Mexican food: Rio Bravo.

We were looking for something a bit different than our usual stop…Twede’s Cafe.

The place is very small…maybe 20 seats, tops inside. It’s in what appears to be an old gas station which makes it all the more cute and the food is delicious. Mount Si is in the distance so the view is hard to beat and, in the summer, dining outside where there are additional tables would be fantastic.

The menu is on the wall and you order at the counter. So, if it is busy, grab your seat as you walk in; then order. They have a bit of a limited menu but the usual suspects are available….tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and mole (on Mondays). And, of course they have nachos…a mile high.

Usually go with the tacos…most mainstream but some a bit off main. They come with fish…served with a wonderful white sauce, chicken or pork. Want a different experience? Give the tacos de lengua a try. I highly recommend you try them. Not sure what the meat was marinated in, but it was out of this world flavorful. I’ve had them before, at other restaurants, and this is by far the best example to date. So, if you can get past the thought…some can’t, give them a try.

For dessert we had…you guessed it…flan. Best example I’ve ever had. Unbelievably rich and creamy and all caramel.

Service always very friendly.


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