Small plates in Alki: Driftwood.

Delightfull new find and a must visit now that the West Seattle Bridge is back open. The other must visit, when you get the chance, is Bakery Nouveau.

All the choices are farm to table…shellfish, veggies, and meats…from hyper local farmers including the indigenous tribes of Washington. Only problem is that it isn’t possible to have one of everything…but you can try! If it’s on the menu, give the red sea urchin toast a try. Super fresh roe made by the sweetened preserved feral figs. Incredible mixtures of flavors and mouth feel.

For a cocktail the Egg Nog Flip is quite unique and delicious. The wine list has a nice selection of Old World and New World choices…think West Coast. Includes a few more unusual options including a Greek Assyrtiko. If you like New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs you’ll love this wine. Tart and perfect with seafood.

The space is open and modern…some increased noise level but acceptable.

Service was perfect and spot on.

If you happen to visit in the dead of night the views of downtown are simply spectacular!


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