Last updated on June 30th, 2018 at 10:24 am

Highly recommend by Suzan….who would live in SFO given the opportunity: Perbacco.

Started with a crudo of halibut followed by lamb pappardelle ending with a chocolate bonet and all washed down with an excellent Barolo.

On another visit we started with a very light green salad with house cured anchovy and a delightful roasted baby beet salad served with cherries and taleggio cheese. It was topped with roasted hazel nuts and a nasturtium vinaigrette.

Followed this with a selection of pasta. My choice was the tajarin……tagliatelle with slow roasted pork made very rich by a sugo of porcini mushrooms. Other choices included the agnolotti dal plin of mixed meats and vegetables and plin con salsiccia di anatra……duck with black truffle and chanterelles. All were very good but I’d lean toward either the duck or pork. Choice of wine this night was a nice Italian rosato.

Service was excellent.