Great place for Italian food in Eastern Washington: Tappi.

Part of a trip a couple of years with several returns; all of which combined cross country skiing with eating. The restaurant is in a very small town in the heart of the cross country skiing area of Eastern Washington. It’s always nice to have a little variety in food choice and this is a great spot for that.

John, the owner and chef, is very gracious and story has it that the recipes are from his mother, Emma…..she must have been a phenomenal cook! The space is cozy and they have music on occasion. Best choices are the pizzas which are done with expertise in a wood fired pizza oven. Two must tries, if on the menu, are the bucatini with polpette melanzane (bucatini with eggplant “meatballs”…outstanding) and the Blue Star XX espresso ice cream.

The wine list isn’t extensive but there are good examples from most of the areas in Italy as well as more local choices. Corkage is reasonable and we had a nice 2000 Vin Santo with pumpkin panna cotta to finish. On another visit we finished with a Malvasia from the island of Salina.

It’s the best Italian food in the area and one of the best in this part of the State. A must stop if you are anywhere near Twisp. Check ahead for times since he is not open every night.

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