Vegan in Philly Cheesesteak land: Vedge.

This restaurant continues to receive rave reviews and even though I’m nowhere near a vegetarian this place will  not disappoint the carnivores out there. I’ve been there more than once and it’s a must visit, vegan or otherwise.

While the menu does change there isn’t anything you’d be disappointed with so ask your server if you need a bit of help between two or more items.

Choices in the past have ranged from a cocktail called Mango sun…pisco based with maraschino, lemongrass and grapefruit to the rutabaga fondu…to the the grilled maitake mushrooms with dashi rice cakes and sea beans plated on ssamjang. How to describe the grilled mushrooms…other than, unbelievable? The flavors were woodesy from the grilling and at the same time sweet. I’ve never had mushrooms like this and the flavors were other worldly. The rice cakes added a bit of crunchiness to the dish and the ssamjang completed it with a bit of subtle spiciness…simply wonderful. Also from the grill; ssamjang (spiced it up a bit) glazed tofu. It had the appearance of grilled salmon and was excellent as well…best tofu I’ve ever had.

Desserts have ranged from peach cobbler to meyer lemon cheesecake to pink peppercorn pavlova. Vegan pavlova…impossible you say…nope. The “meringue” is made of whipped garbanzo bean water and the “cream” from coconut milk…outstanding!

What about wines? While the list isn’t extensive it covers the bases including orange wines as well as piquettes. It leans Old World with a few interesting New World choices…Vermont and Pennsylvania as examples

Service is impeccable.


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