Hard to find local places but this is a good one: Thai Thani.

Before I even start…this place has the most incredible Thai decor I’ve seen outside of Bangkok. From the entry “gate” to the private dining areas, the space is truly amazing even though it’s located in a strip mall near SeaWorld. This is authentic Thai decor and not what you see in the Disney Park and surrounds. It’s locally owned which likely has something to do with this.

The menu is extensive…typical of most Thai restaurants. Expect plenty of noodle and curry dishes using seafood, chicken, lamb, pork and duck.

Started with the garlic steamed mussels…….sauce was unbelievably flavorful…….you will want to drink it, but the muscles were a bit overdone.  They seemed more brolied than steamed. Followed this with a staple of Thai cuisine, tom ka gai which was as expected.  The entree was curry roast duck……looked fried…..in a curry sauce which was quite tasty and was served with a side of white rice. As is typical, the food comes in various levels of hot so if you are in a group with varied taste, remember to ask for the Thai chilies which allow you to change the spiciness to your taste. Most good Thai restaurants have this but you have to ask for it. Ended with the mango sticky rice…again a staple of the Thai experience and a good restaurant won’t serve it unless mango is in season. It was good but not as rich as usual and the rice was a bit past sticky.

Service was very good and attentive.

Considering the other food offerings in this area of Orlando, this place is heads above the ubiquitous chain restaurants so give them a try….if for nothing else but to see the authentic Thai decor.

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