Another hotel restaurant: The Bistro at the Hilton.

Needed a light lunch and this was convenient. Typical offerings and since I wanted something light the Manhattan Clam Chowder fit the bill. I do prefer the New England variety but this was good with plenty of clams.

Had an interesting conversation with my waiter…I guessed the Pinot Noir I ordered was from California and not Oregon. She wasn’t sure and came back with the winery and said it was definitely not from California. Thinking my sight… was not the right color for an Oregon Pinot….had gone bad and my taste as well, I Googled the winery. Turned out to be Central Coast…a California AVA. A nice discussion ensued over the differences between Oregon and California Pinot and she later had a taste and could tell the difference.

The space is large and open with a small area for an al fresco experience.

Service was good….and interesting.

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