New Southern with a Southwest twist: the larder + the delta.

The menu looked interesting and it was a walkable distance from the hotel so, why not? Distance was indeed a walkable distance but the 97 degree night made it seem much longer!

Focused menu that, like many restaurants, was meant to be shared…but no one was with me the night I visited. What to do…try your best not to overeat.

Most dishes were as expected based on the name…hushpuppies, blackened catfish, and Hoppin John. However the preparation was unique: hushpuppies with boiled peanut hummus for “dipping”, catfish with whipped cauliflower and collard green chimichurri. The Hoppin John was meant to be shared…with a family of 4!

It was all very good but the Hoppin John made the experience…the rice was caramelized which added incredible mouth feel and a unique taste to the dish.

Dessert…Carolina gold rice puddin…excellent.

Only issue with the night was the wine list…good options for dinner but they basically had none of my several choices to go with the dessert. They finally found a Port but I was basically done so, skipped the offer.

Service was attentive. They take reservations but no shows are charged a cancellation fee so keep that in mind before making your decision.


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