Looking for a place to eat: Thomas Hill Organics.

We thought we had our dining experience all picked out…..but it wasn’t quite what we thought it was, so we started looking for something else. Despite the fact that Paso Robles seems to have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the US, it wasn’t easy to find a another place at the last minute……

We walked in and they were obviously busy seating a very large private wine tasting party but despite that, they made a place for our party of 5 in one of their smaller dining rooms. Outstanding service!

It’s all about wine and locally sourced food, including the meats. The wine list is extensive with about 90% from California; the other 10% are of French origins.

Started with a few items to share….smoked potatoes which the others liked but to me they were nothing memorable and the bread service. I usually don’t talk about bread……and won’t now, but I want to mention the really outstanding castelvetrano olive tapenade that accompanied it. It was so good…who needs bread! Remember, it’s all locally sourced and this area also produces olives so expect a great tasting experience. The spring salad was next and what caught my eye were the blood oranges…nice light choice.

Now on to the mains. The choices ranged from a head on whole Branzino to roasted chicken to curry dishes but what caught my attention….you guessed it….the caribbean braised pork shank. This thing was huge but event better, unbelievably tasty and perfectly cooked. I didn’t ask what spices were used but the chef has this dish down cold.

Finally to desserts. Nothing else to say but you have got to try the triple chocolate espresso brownie topped with salted caramel gelato……don’t miss this dessert!

Service, as expected and mentioned, was excellent.


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