Would be even better for dinner and a beer in the summer: White Swan Public House.

Located in South Lake Union the views, even in winter, are exceptional…..Lake Union, the Space Needle and Queen Anne.  The space is relatively small….couple of dozen seats but with a large bar space. Al fresco dining during the summer on the large deck area would be the way to go and I suspect it is crowded during ideal weather. This place is brought to you by the same group that does Matt’s In the Market and Radiator Whisky. The kitchen is open and much of the cooking is done in an open, pizza type, oven….but pizza isn’t to be found on the menu.

We were there toward the end of Happy Hour so we started with a PNW staple….oysters. I was intrigued by the name so we had to have the “Bull Dog” variety from Dyes Inlet in Silverdale….just across the Sound….small and briny…..my favorite.

Followed with the Blood Orange salad with blue cheese and radicchio……..interestingly plated on a bed of sriracha almond butter, puffed quinoa and honey….crunchy, nutty, sweet and spicy. Also tried the smoked oyster and chicken liver mousse…….more the consistency of pâté rather than mousse. Delicious!

Next up were the mains: fish and chips…classic presentation…..and sturgeon. The sturgeon arrived on a carrot pecan romesco….interesting mix of sweetness and fish. For those less familiar with this fish, it has a steak like consistency and mild non fishy flavor.

Alas….there was no room for dessert.

Service was very good.

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