At the Amazon Spheres: Willmott’s Ghost.

I’ve wanted to visit this new, Italian themed, restaurant by Renee Erickson since it opened in late October. The space is very unique……inside the Amazon Spheres… the 6th Ave one to be exact.

We experienced lunch this visit which was heavy on the pizza side… the slice, if so desired. The menu also included panini….the porchetta option looked killer and a single salad choice…..endive. I was told by an adjacent diner that it turns pink after the first frost. So, I’ll go with that. It looked delicious.

Our choice was the clam and mussel pizza with puttanesca which was topped with mozzarella, onions and celery. A word about the celery….first experience with celery on a pizza and it made the dish…because it was pickled, as was the seafood. This is a must try pizza….simply a delicious combination of flavors with the sweetness of the puttanesca balanced by the tartness of the pickled adds. The pizza crust was perfectly executed.

We had to try dessert and what is tiramisu without a nice Vin Santo!

Service was very good. They also serve breakfast and dinner as well.

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