Off to Switzerland with a stop at: Chedi Andermatt.

If you’re looking for drop dead gorgeous then this will fit the bill. Part of a multi year “upgrade” to this small alpine village that will include more hotel rooms and a golf course. Not sure how good the skiing is but in the summer months this would be a good place for a bit of R&R…especially as more “opportunities” for tourists are built here.

Our stop was for heavy hors d’oeuvres on our way to northern Italy. The hotel (5 Star) and spa are unlike anything I have seen in Europe….ultra modern with very large public spaces. There are multiple kitchens that prepare all manner of cuisines….Swiss to Italian to sushi. Don’t miss the wine cellar and the cheese room……2 stories of cheese…a sight to behold for cheese lovers!

For those of you looking for alpine quaint, this isn’t the place for you…comes across as a bit sterile…..but it is worth a visit/tour even if you don’t stay or dine here.

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