A must visit for us when we are in Munich: zum Spöckmeier.

We have to visit this place every few years since it was a place Suzan’s Oma (grandmother) would take her on special occasions. The alehouse was first mentioned in historical records in 1450 and the current name was first recorded in 1687…..another new spot in Munich!

The cuisine is very typical Bavarian….you can find it all here……served in a space that is typical Bavarian. The food is very solid….Suzan felt the kräftige kartoffelsuppe…..potato soup….was just like her oma’s. If you’re looking for meat of all varieties……they have an in house butcher, including schweinshaxe…..then this is your place. The beer is mostly Paulaner and the menu is available in English if you ask. If you’re not sure what a radler is, then give one a try here.

So, if you want an experience similar to House Moser, this may be the place. It’s located just off the Marienplatz so it’s easy to find….it’s right across from the Apple store. Outdoor seating is available but, be forewarned, unlike the US smoking is allowed outside…..typical for Europe…and they do seem to smoke more in Europe.

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