Great experience: Marlaina’s Mediterranean Kitchen.

Part business dinner and part get together with friends. I’d heard about this place from a coworker…whose husband is the chef/owner and it’s been on my radar to visit for a couple of years.

The name speaks to the cuisine but there are a few twist such as grilled salmon. That said, it isn’t prepared in the typical PNW fashion since the chef is originally from Kurdistan. Who was Marlaina? A loyal customer and advocate for those with disabilities. A picture of her hangs above one of the tables.

We had a bit of most of the menu and started with the mezze and cheese platters. Both arrived artfully presented…especially the cheese platter which was a work of art with carved vegetables surrounding the cheeses. Both were delicious. Next up was the mediterranean salad and the köfte followed by the Mesopotamian lamb & beef stew. Last up was the roasted lamb shank. All were excellent with a nod toward the Mesopotamian lamb & beef stew. Dessert…you guessed it baklava. Needed some coffee to wash it down. When we asked if it was available out came classic Turkish coffee but served with cardamom and cane syrup…outstanding.

Service was excellent…nothing quite like dining with the chef! Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

So, if you’re looking for Mediterranean food you should check this place out.


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