Third option for lunch: Gracia.

We didn’t start out to try this place in Ballard but wound up here when our other choices weren’t open for lunch.

The space is very nice and located in the heart of the Ballard Ave food parade. While we started out with Southern cuisine on our mind and the idea of trying JuneBaby, it isn’t open for lunch until next weekend. Then we were on to Ballard for a taste of French cuisine…but no….our choice was not open for lunch. So we were off for a bit of Mexican and this relatively new spot.

Bruch was the order of the day and there were about a half dozen huevos selections along with an equal number of taco options. The claim to fame here is the masa….molino ground mexican corn which on this visit came as sopecitos con huevo….carnitas, salsa verde, onions, crema and fried eggs.  The highlight of the experience.

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