May be in a hotel but worth a visit: Kamuela Provision Company.

Beautiful views from this oceanside hotel restaurant with food to match the views.  The space is open and surrounded by numerous pools and man made waterfalls. They also offer, when the weather will allow, al fresco dining. Weirdly, you can take a train from the main hotel to the restaurant…..the Hilton property is 64 acres….but it’s a very easy, 5 to 10 minute walk if you are so inclined.

First up were cocktails with one interesting special offering: Kilauea Prosecco…..basically Prosecco but I’m not sure how they made it look like an erupting volcano. Started the food experience with poke which was near the highlight of the meal….very fresh ahi tuna with incredible flavors due to a potpourri of local herbs and spices. Next up were salads…fairly typical but the Caesar was presented a bit differently…..with crispy taro sticks instead of the usual croutons.

Mains included the Mahi Lau Lau…..the fish was as expected but the sweet potato gnocchi, from a local purple sweet potato, was special. Added a sweetness to the dish that made it especially enjoyable. The second dish was the Pacific seafood bouillabaisse…..close to the best example I have had. What made the dish was the bouillabaisse broth……could have drunk it from the bowl!

Ended with what seems to be a local treat called by different names…..essentially Kona Coffee ice cream  surrounded by crushed Oreo Cookies……without the white stuff…..surrounded by whipped cream. Could have been improved by less whipped cream….I know that’s hard to believe but….it completely overwhelmed the coffee ice cream and Oreo experience.

Service was very good and very expeditious.

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