Lovely hotel, restaurant and brewery: Kapplerbräu.

Like many European breweries this place goes back several centuries….1561 to be exact. It’s a bit of a hike….about 30 miles NW of Munich but it can be reached via the S-Bahn if you don’t have a car.

It’s a very beautiful small town with a church which is a must see……but back to the restaurant.

The space is very Bavarian and the building very baroque. To put it simply….it is lovely and relaxing….a great place for a beer and lunch…or dinner. On a nice day…not the case when we visited…there is a tree covered beer garden as well.

Probably my best meal, outside House Moser, while in Germany this visit. The beer is brewed in house and was, as expected, excellent….it’s very hard to find bad beer in Bavaria. You have a sense that the meal may be very good when the menu is in German, without translation….the case at this restaurant.

My entree was the Kappler Schnitzel….pork smothered with a beautifully rich mushroom sauce served with a side of spätzle and cranberries. Delicious. Other choices had were the Rahm Pfifferlinge….chanterelles and semmelknödel (bread based nödel) and the Schweinekrustenbraten with a classic kartoffelknödel (potato nödel).

The dessert….Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce was unbelievable! This is a commonly offered dessert that I had my eye on so, based on how good the entrees were, this was the place to try it. Sweat with the applesauce a perfect accompaniment to balance the sweetness.  Think the best pancake you’ve ever had and multiple it by 100. Could have eaten the whole thing myself but self restraint took over so I didn’t look like a grazing pig.

Service was excellent and English is spoken as needed.

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