Italian/Japanese fusion and a place to share food: Kissa Tanto.

Since our first visit shortly after it opened in 2016 its become a real star…see the recent article NYT…the second review…which says a lot from one of the food capitals of the world. Since opening its been named to Canada’s 100 best restaurants (10th), and has been review in Bon Appetit and Condé Nast, among others.

Make sure you order a number of their offerings…and share them around the table. We’ve tried the fried octopus salad and the peach and tomato salad. Additional choices have included the pork lasagna, black cod and hanger steak. The lasagna is the best I have ever had…period. If it’s on the menu you have to try it.

Another must try is the tono mantecato…albacore tuna, furikake and bruschetta all wrapped up in a smoked potato ball topped with tobiko. You won’t believe this dish. If the truffle omelette is offered, offer to pick that for the table as well.

For desserts give the toasted rice green tea affogato and zeppole with ricotta and goat cheese a try. Or, the tiramisu…presented in the classic style…with a Japanese twist…whipped soy and plum wine are both used along with the more typical mascarpone.

This place should be on your list. A must visit.

There is nothing on the menu to not give a try. You can’t go wrong!

Reservations highly recommended.


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