Out shopping: Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya.

This is chain from Tokyo that has a number of outlets in the Seattle metro area. Our visit was to the Bellevue Square location. While it’s in a large shopping center, once entered, you sense this place has authenticity. As a side, the name was changed a few years ago from Kukai to Kizuki because Kukai apparently means poop in Hawaiian.

This place is the real deal serving some of the best ramen I’ve had in Seattle…..rich broth and very good ramen. The best soba in Seattle is Kamonegi but that’s a hard place to beat with hand made soba….from wheat ground by hand on site.

We started with the pork gyoza…very good and for the ramen choices, chicken tan tan with egg and the shoyu chicken. Both were very good. The tan tan was quite spicy so be prepared for that experience.

From a previous experience in Tokyo, I had to have the choya umeshu plum wine….just like I recall it from many years ago. It’s very sweet but I think the perfect pairing for the spicy tan tan ramen.

Service was good and efficient.

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