Sushi on the Ave: KU.

Started the afternoon at The Mountaineering Club and caped off the day with a bit of sushi……more precisely….rolls (maki). This is a small place just north of the main Ave experience so it wasn’t busy the Friday night we visited.

I’ve never been to a place quite like this one……clearly there is a focus on maki/futomaki with over 40 choices! They also have temaki (hand rolls) as well with nigiri and sashimi options more limited. The menu is also a bit blended with tempura and katsu offered as well as a bit of a Korean influence….kimchi and bibimbap, as examples.

This night we sampled….you guessed it….maki. It was quite good but seemed to “run together” with respect to flavors. Perhaps that was due to our choices (Soundres, Seahawks, Sunrise, Spider and Evergreen) but I’m not sure. We did sample the unagi nigiri which was presented with the largest piece of unagi I’ve ever had. I love the flavor of unagi but the portion overwhelmed the sushi rice which detracted from the experience.

Beer choices on tap were Sapporo and Hite (Korean).

Service was good and the space, cinder block cozy.

The night we visited, all maki was 50% off!

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