No bike this time: Duvall Tavern.

We were visiting this small town just east of the metro area and stopped in to checkout this “world famous since 1934” establishment in the heart of “downtown”.

It’s a typical bar…with plenty of bikers….the other kind, and beer. Food choices are also typical but with a bit of a twist including fried pickles, hummus, a kale salad and for dessert, a salted caramel brownie. Otherwise it’s a burger and beer kind of place with large food servings and limited wines.

The highlight of our visit were the BBQ pork sliders which we ordered off the appetizer menu. I’ve had a lot of BBQ in my life and consider myself a bit of an expert so when I tell you they were some of the best pulled pork on the planet, pay attention! The sauce was perfect….tomato based and the meat perfectly cooked. What really added to the flavor were the crisp edges to the meat. Simply outstanding. I’d hold them up to Brileys and my favorite Birmingham spot. While there were only 3 of them, they are more than enough for your main course. If you like pulled pork BBQ, you must try these! We were told on another visit they are not always on the menu so, if you visit when they are, still a must have.

Service was good.


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