Ok…..I didn’t go to Copenhagen but had to get this on the blog: Lakrids.

These things are AMAZING! Don’t tell me you don’t like licorice until you try one….problem is, they are hard to find in the US. Amazon carries a limited selection and they are frequently out of stock and the Chelsea Market is also usually out of stock but at least carries a variety. Best US source has been Ingebretsen’s in Minneapolis. Another source: Nordiska in Poulsbo WA.

Our first taste came via our youngest daughter who did indeed recently visit Denmark. We picked up the pictured samples while in Munich at the Ludwig Bek located in the Marienplatz.

While I haven’t tasted all the varieties…there are over a 1/2 dozen of the chocolate coated variety…my current favorite is the salt and caramel…..D in the picture. It is coated with caramelized French dulce de leche chocolate….outstanding blend of flavors!

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