Like a little slice of Paris in the Pike Place Market area: Le Pichet.

The menu is very typical of a small French bistro and the food is all very good. It’s one of those places where you can spend time just relaxing while having something to eat. It isn’t the high noise, hustle bustle of many restaurants…..allows one to truly enjoy the dining experience.

Choices included les tartines which were made presentable by a chicken liver terrine….the included mustard made the terrine…..and the goat cheese. The second choice was the oeufs (broiled) plats, jambon et fromage (gruyère).  Both dishes were excellent.

We finished with a very interesting dessert: the blue cheese Bavarian……think a slightly sweet, wonderfully creamy… pudding…….very mild blue cheese served on a thin cookie like biscuit with red wine soaked pears…..a dessert to die for!

Service was very good.

If you like this place give its sister restaurant a try: Café Presse.

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