Carbo loading: Lupo.

Close to my hotel and on the edge of Yaletown. I wanted some Italian pasta before my ride to Whistler so this seemed like a good choice. I wasn’t disappointed.

Started with a wonderful roasted beet salad with goat cheese and oranges….very nice flavor add with the orange slices. I was torn for the main between the penne bolognese and the pappardelle with rabbit. I usually go with bolognese but my server recommended the rabbit which was excellent. It was done with a light white wine and garlic butter sauce with olives. The pasta was as expected…perfect and obviously house made.  My wine choice was of course Italian….a rosso di montalcino which went well with the dish.

Finished with a classic tiramisu which was beautifully presented, and a glass of vin santo.

The space is special…a turn of the last century home converted to a restaurant. As soon as you enter you feel right at home….literally. Nice for that special intimate dinner…or a carbo load before a big ride. Service was attentive and excellent.

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