Takeaway: Mean Sandwich.

Still in Phase 1 so no restaurants are yet open for dining. This is a place that gets great reviews and has been on my list to visit. Noticed, while driving by recently, that it was serving takeout sandwiches between 11 and 3 pm Weds to Sunday so I had to give them a try.

Very efficient takeout with a call when your order is ready and pickup is no touch. Very nice.

My choice was the Hama Hama oyster po boy which was on the spicy side with the accompanying remoulade. The oysters were perfectly fried. While not up to the best of New Orleans it was very good. Also tasted the falafel sandwich which was good as well but a bit over fried and therefore on the dry side. The hit of the experience were the Salt-N-Pepa Skins….sliced and deep fried baked potato skins…..delicious.

Will give them another visit when we are past the pandemic.

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