Dinner for 20 something: Morimoto.

Usually it’s difficult to tell about a restaurant when you’re in a large party but only a few shared plates this visit more like couples dining together rather than a large group.

All brought to by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, it’s basically Japanese with an larger Asian twist….a spin on bibimbap, called Ishi Yaki Bop, for example. Extensive menu from which to choose which extends across the Japanese spectrum…..miso soup to sushi, to sashimi to tempura to…you get the point…it’s extensive.

I focused on sushi this night and had more or less typical choices….saba, unagi, tobiko with quail egg (udama) and a soft shell crab roll. The wines had were a very lite and tart Fume Blanc from California, a Rhône blend and a California Pinot Noir……moderate tannins with low acidity…interesting for a Pinot.

The desserts seem legendary….rosemary ice cream…very, very rich and the fiery chocolate torte were two of several had. Not sure why it’s called a torte since I didn’t see much of that in the dish but the presentation is worth the order….tableside immolation of a large chocolate ball using high proof rum. Really something to experience. It would have been better with a coffee based chocolate ice cream instead of just the chocolate offered, in my opinion. I know that statement is hard to believe from me but it would have made the dish a bit more balanced. Otherwise it’s all similar tasting chocolate which, as you know I’m all about but this needed a bit of something else. The dessert wine was a Chateau Loupiac….light with residual sugar on the low side.

Service was excellent and the space…….amazing decor.

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