Recommended by the hotel: Osteria di Brera.

Our best food experience in Milan. It was fashion week so most places were busy but since Italians tend to eat late, tables were generally available at earlier times…….usually up till 8:30 or so. When we arrived at 8 there were plenty of seats but it began to fill up rapidly about 9 pm. This is a place for seafood…lobster being very popular.

The space is very nice with the wine “cellar” on the surrounding walls. Before I get to dinner I have and observation about the amount of food consumed by the Milanese……it is large so be ready to be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volumes offered and by the amount consumed around you. Now off to dinner.

We started with the Osteria appetizer of 5 mixed taste…..all outstanding…..some typical such as bruschetta and others more atypical……gnocco fritto. The 5th choice of the mixes was a side of prosciutto…..all the merrier! Our other appetizer choice….not realizing how large the first was to be….was the burrata pugliese. Again, an appetizer that could have been shared with a table of 4, had we been 4. Believe it or not…we are now on to the main: tagliatelle bolognese…..we did have the sense, finally, to split the dish. It was of course excellent.

I’m also embarrassed to admit…but you guessed it…we had dessert. Semifreddo….enough said but I have to add….one of the best desserts I’ve ever had! To add insult to injury there is a very nice custom in this part of Italy, such that our waiter would not take no for an answer when he asked us if there was anything else? We said no…and got limoncello and biscotti!

On the way out the door we were invited to have a bit of candy…what a dining experience!

The wait staff was superb, attentive and very interested in our opinion of the food.

The restaurant is located in the Brera area of Milan which is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Duomo.

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