Recommendation from a local chef: Pestle Rock.

The cuisine is Thai but it’s from the Isan or northeast part of the country. You will recognize the menu but there are dishes I’ve not seen before in your typical Thai restaurant.

They have small plates, soups, salads and larger entrees. The Som Tum or green papaya salad included cherry tomatoes and green beans…a bit different that the typical papaya salad. The server recommended Kao Soi which is a chicken curry noodle soup. The pickled mustard greens on top of the dish were interesting and had a predicted light vinegar flavor. Of course I had a Shingha to wash it all down.

On another visit, the true delight of this place became obvious with sharing our choices family style.  A thumbs up goes to….all our choices. They included gai yaang (Thai style BBQ chicken with two incredible dipping sauces…nod goes to the jaeo), panang salmon…the panang was the best I’ve had anywhere, the trout tod yum…fresh and flavorful and the mee ka ti stir fry…NOT pad thai which thankfully, isn’t on the menu!

So if you are in the Ballard area of Seattle…perhaps at the Sunday Market or want some of the best Thai in the city give this place a try.

If you like Isan Thai here is another option.


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