Vietnamese: Pho Sai Gon.

Way off Main Street but worth the drive. It just opened in March of this year having started life as a pop up. In a short period of time it has become very popular very quickly. The space is modern and refreshing with high ceilings and open spaces.

As one would guess, this place is focused on Pho which is served with a variety of meats…beef of several different cuts, chicken, shrimp and for those not excited about eating animals they also offer a vegan variety as well. Also available is a classic rice vermicelli bowl (my go to dish) and Cóm Tãm which is rice based and sounds similar to a vermicelli bowl with grains of rice instead of rice noodles. Everything we tasted was very good. It’s a bit hard to believe one can find authentic vietnamese cuisine outside major cities like Seattle. Speaks to the diversity of certain parts of the US and Bozeman, being a college town, is one of those places.

For drinks expect various teas and coffees as well as soft drinks. No alcohol when we visited.

Service was a bit spotty but they had just opened and were still working out some of the kinks, as expected.


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