Lunch on the water: Agua Verde.

Under new ownership and with a new chef. Plus…….the Marina Cantina is also new and outback, on the water, pass the paddle club and the place to be if you are looking for an alfresco experience near the UW Medical Center Montlake Campus. Indoors not much appeared to have changed and it remains small and is frequently crowded, especially for lunch. There is a patio on the main level which is nice for the view and is a bit more “indoors” that the Cantina area. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They have solid Mexican food and their claim to fame is their chips and salsa: salsa verde, chipotle and diablito by the very large bowl full! On a previous visit the enchiladas mole (my typical go to) and burritos carne were experienced.

On a more recent visit I had to try the Marina Cantina. As mentioned, it’s near the paddle club, has a bar and a large open seating area with some natural shade from the surrounding trees which is nice if it’s a hot Seattle day. To place your order…..they have a permanent food truck! So, you get a bit of the feel of street food without the street. My choice was the mangodillia with chicken…..quesadilla with mango, poblano, green onions and, of course grilled chicken….very good. I made the mistake of ordering chips and guacamole not remembering the portion size….the chips arrived in a large paper bag!

Once done, rent a kayak and paddle the lake! They even give lessons. I suspect this is the only Mexican restaurant in the world that also rents watercraft!

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