A bit of après ski: Roslyn Mexican Grill.

Just down I-90 from the snow park and it seemed like a good option after cross country skiing. For those who remember the early 1990s, this was the town of “Cicely Alaska” in the TV series Northern Exposure.

Advertised as pre Hispanic Mexican cuisine…..of the original native populations before the Conquistadors showed up. Therefore, the menu isn’t Tex Mex. Selections seemed focused on the regions of Oaxaca and Jalisco with pork, chicken and seafood well represented.

Started with…of course….a margarita. The “Signature” is served with a splash of tres chilies and the large option could have housed a small fish….or 2! So, have at least one……after all it’s a bit of a drive back to Seattle.

Mains included the pork carnitas and enchiladas oaxaca. Both were very good and the mole on the enchiladas was some of the best I have had.

Before we left I had to try the plantains with caramel…..understated on the menu….delivered with vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce with a touch of cinnamon. Would have been too sweet with bananas and the plantain added just the right flavor and texture to the dish. Delicious.

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