A different dinner for 30: Lark.

Unique experience at this well known establishment on Capitol Hill. What was unique?…..our choices, although pre determined, were drawn from the current menu…..so, this experience was like a tasting menu of the many offerings. While I usually don’t like to make recommendations following this type of experience, Lark definitely deserves another visit as a dinner for two. Everything tasted was excellent….I don’t think it’s possible to pick something you won’t like.

Standouts included: the burrata with pear, saba, bitter greens and walnuts; arctic char with pumpkin velouté and local truffles; the blue bird farro with sweet onions and hedgehog mushrooms…my favorite and finally, the romanesco with bagna cauda and pine nuts.

Dessert was the Japanese cheesecake with red wine poached pears, blood orange and candied cranberries. A bit tart for my taste.

Red wine for the night was a Spanish garnacha. Solid choice that drank quite well.

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