Tucked away in the U District : Saint Bread.

Originally opened to long lines but things have settled down a bit, at least on weekdays. Started by a trio from London Plane the offerings take advantage of their varied backgrounds…ranging from Japanese to Scandinavian…so expect interesting fusions of cuisines.

Give the smoked trout toast a try…you won’t be disappointed and at this point, I’d recommend it for your first experience. It’s my current favorite but may soon be replaced by the okonomiyaki style tortilla. Your thought that this is some slightly modified Mexican tortilla should stop with that thought. It’s egg based with sweet potato, cabbage, green onion, ginger, kewpie (Japanese mayo) and bulldog sauce. All topped with bonito flakes…absolutely delicious! If available and you’ve had my 2 favorites, the smoked chicken salad sando with honey pickled cucumbers is also excellent. Next on the list is the rice bowl…make sure you add the salmon…makes the dish. The bratwurst sandwich is also very good but different than what you’d find in Germany.

Menu selections include pastries, various toasts, sandwiches and salads. Libations: coffee, tea, soft drinks, cider, beer and wine.

Did I say they have cookies? Well, they do and you need to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Not as large or flavorful as The Cookie but a close second. Thinking pastries then think no farther than the must have Cardamom Croissant. But, I haven’t had a bad pastry here. Like mocha lattes? Then have it with a bit of cardamom syrup…delicious.

While service is from the counter, there are options to dine on one of their two patios outdoors. It’s right on Portage Bay in the space previously occupied by the Jensen Motor Boat Company on Boat Street.


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