Finally: Shake Shack.

I know these are all over the US but this is the first one for Seattle and as is typical…..the lines on opening were astounding as they were for Krispy Kreme and Chick Fil A…go figure.

I kept my eye out for a time to visit when there wasn’t a line down the block which took weeks to occur. When I arrived, there was no line outside and it took about 10 minutes to place my order. Ordering was by an electronic pad…becoming more common in fast food restaurants and you get a text message when your order is near ready….very efficient. Then to find somewhere to sit….very small area inside and only a few tables outside. I’d consider getting it to go if I visit again.

My choice, this visit, was the SmokeShack which was good for a fast food burger but not the best burger that I’ve ever had. The applewood smoked bacon was nice but the cherry peppers were a bit tart for my taste. The bun was nothing special. The fries….were….fries.

But now on to the real highlight of the meal….the Tiramisu Shake. It was a very thick frozen mascarpone, coffee and vanilla custard topped with amaretti cookie crumbs…get a spoon and a straw to enjoy this luscious concoction!  I would definitely return for another one of these. 

Service was walk up and helpful.

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